The Midnight Sun 41

About us

So how did this all come about? Well, three years ago we got dragged along to go swimming in a nearby lake. And we got there by boat. An Astondoa with a flybridge. Long story short, a few months later we found and bought a 1992 Carver 26 Command Bridge / 280 sedan with some backlog in maintenance and care.

Winter 2021

A bigger backlog than hoped for and lots of information missing so had to turn to the internet to find out how to bring her back into shape. The Volvo Penta AD31B’s were relatively easy to find – I will add documentation on that later on – but the Carver was a bit more of a challenge.

At the time the Carver company was still operational and had a working website with some manuals, old brochures and specifications. With the help of the forum we managed to find what we needed. And shared what we learned.

Before. and after

At some point the Carver company was about to close and the website to be shut down. Just before that, we managed to download many of the old documentation. Since then quite a few people looking for or recently owning a Carver yacht visited the forum in search of documentation. Now instead of having to process requests by hand, this site is set up to make it possible to search and download any information needed.

Most of the material is old, concerns old boats that are still around but long past any involvement of the (former) Carver company. We consider this material as free to share for personal use.

By now our Carver has a new owner and we are moving on to a next boat for new travels.

Good luck finding and using the documents in the repository, make sure you register in the forum and share your experiences there!