The Midnight Sun 41


So here is the list of documents. The site is set-up as a webshop, this is to prevent bulk-collecting of the files and selling them for profit on high-advertising/traffic sites that buy their way up the google results ladder. The files on this site are free to download, I do ask a donation to keep the site up.

You do not have to enter your credentials, insert any jibberish, I am not doing anything with that information, I will not stalk you to make you donate voluntarily.

For now, to find a document use CTRL+F (or ‘search on this page’ in your menu) to find a document and click ‘Purchase’ to add files to your shopping cart.

Shopping may sound like you must pay but you do not. The files here were salvaged from the sinking Carver Yachts website before the company stopped. They are provided here to current and future owners of Carver Yachts to help keeping them in good condition. While they are offered for free, just like Carver did in the past, I do have bills to pay. Especially hosting, plugins in WordPress and ocassionally some external help to keep the site up and running.

Therefore there is a donation possibility here: Donate via PayPal Feel free to change the amount to what it is worth for you to get the documents you want. Any excess amount goes to the forum from where this site originates. Update 2024: donations are surprisingly few relative to the number of downloads. It does not cover the cost and as I do not own a Carver any more, this site will cease to exist at the end of this year.

To get in touch, please register at the forum and write in The repository topic.

Select the files you want by clicking ‘Purchase’ when done, click ‘Checkout’ or the ‘Download Cart’ button at the top of the page.

There you get a list and you can select each file to download.

View when you click and then download or right-click and download. Depends on your browser but make sure you download and save them on your own computer.

Search is under development, so for now you’ll have to click through the pages and search again at every page. 1100 files, 11 pages…. not great but do-able for now.

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